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Dr. Ann Becker-ScIMG_1846hutte says:

I’ve been working as a licensed counseling psychologist in Kansas City, MO for nearly eight years. I specialize in providing support to patients and caregivers affected by serious illness–providing help at the intersection of physical and mental health.

But I am also a secret rabble rouser. I’m tired of mental health being left out of the bigger healthcare conversation. I want the knowledge and skills of psychologists put to better use.  And I am dedicated to improving access to mental health and integrating mental health into the larger health care system.

To learn more about me, visit my website: http://www.drannbeckerschutte.com

Dr. Susan Giurleo says:

I started with supporting families with children living with ADHD and autism by building online classes, support groups and coaching programs. This was a great success. When I wrote an e-newsletter for parents about their kids with ADHD, I got emails from Ireland, South Africa and the Philippines. Each told me my words helped them to connect with their child more deeply, have more patience and support their needs.

This experience showed me how powerful technology + compassion and education can be.

I wanted to do more. I want to teach other helpers, healers and world changers to use technology in businesses that change the world one person at a time.

I’ve been coaching and consulting with therapists and health care providers for five years. We get results.

To learn more about me, visit my website: http://www.drsusangiurleo.com



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