Monthly Archives: March 2015

MedPsych Hiatus

Hi folks. Susan and I want to thank everyone who has participated in #MedPsych so far.  We have an amazing community, and there is a lot of energy here toward improving and integrating our healthcare system.

At the moment, Susan and I are facing a good news/bad news issue.  The good news is that we both have a lot going in in our private practices, which is keeping us very occupied.  The bad news is that everything happening in our businesses and families means that the two of us have had to push #MedPsych to a back burner in the past few months.

We both believe that this community and our goals deserve a lot more than a last-minute chat topic.  And we are trying to figure out what steps would ensure that “more” takes place.  We will be continuing to talk, however, until we get some answers figured out, #MedPsych is going to take a break.

We will be available to group members on Twitter and in the Google+ community, and the hashtag will remain active.  We just won’t be conducting a weekly chat on Tuesday nights.  While we are on hiatus, please continue to connect and share in our group spaces (Twitter & G+).  Please connect with the #hcldr chat (health care leadership), the #healthdoers chat (people actively working toward health), the #MHStigma chat (mental health stigma), the #hchlitss chat (health care, health literacy & social science), or others.

Susan and I will be continuing to work towards whole person healthcare, with brain and body integration.  We’ll let you know more as we know it.

Thanks again for everything.  You are amazing and we look forward to continuing to rabblerouse with you!

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