Mission Statement Building

When the #MedPsych community formed, over a year ago, it was driven by a desire to truly change healthcare.  Over the last year, we have had a wonderful core group form.  And now, we recognize that changing healthcare is going to require action. And action needs a plan. So, during our January 13th chat, Dr. Giurleo and I invited the community to brainstorm a mission statement.  This post is the summary of the wonderful ideas that were generated.  Actually, this post is the next step in building our mission statement into a tool that can power forward action.  So let’s start with a list of some of community’s thoughts:

  • If we can get rockets to fly, we can integrate health care. — Susan Giurleo
  • We pledge to be an inclusive community together working towards holistic health- mind, body & spirit. We connect to each other. — Gia Sison
  • Nike had the best mission statement ever. Just Do It. Mission statements tend to be so long these days they can become meaningless.  — Scott Strange
  • Maybe what we need more operationally is a clear goal. Let’s brainstorm one clear goal for our work in the coming months. — Susan Giurleo
  • Healthcare should connect brain & body. Connection shouldn’t be only patient’s responsibility. Let’s not reinvent the wheel. — Ann Becker-Schutte
  • Increase awareness on both sides of the HCP/PT relationship to facilitate open communication. — Laurel Ann Whitlock
  • Impress upon all stakeholders the interconnectedness of mental health to physical well-being. — Laurel Ann Whitlock
  • Increase provider and patient demand for whole health care. — April Foreman
  • Create resources and open channels for information – increase awareness through education. — Laurel Ann Whitlock
  • Increase provider and patient awareness that whole person healthcare EXISTS and MATTERS. — Laurel Ann Whitlock
  • We are all in this together to collaborate, problem solve, heal and create #wholepersonhealthcare. — Sean Erreger
  • We are bringing together all county safety nets to collaborate on uninsured pts w/high ER admissions: community-centerered-health-home. — Jen Platt
  • Need to educate people about the benefits of shifting to #wholepersonhealthcare . Spread the word.  — Sean Erreger
  • I think a huge practical goal is to get people to bring forth personal anecdotes re: how combining mental/physical health worked. –Laurel Ann Whitlock
  • A piece around how integrated care leads to better health outcomes AND cost savings. — Susan Giurleo
  • Breaking down Tx silo’s benefits all stakeholders. — Sean Erreger
  • Seems like the goals I’m hearing are that #MedPsych should be a clearinghouse for best practices in #wholepersonhealthcare (or #wphc).  — Ryan Lucas

Okay folks. There’s the summary.  What happens next is that we try to consolidate this impressive list into a few clear points, so that we have a mission that can be explained quickly and easily understood.  We will also be working on identifying a series of action steps.

As part of this process, I’ll be sharing this as an editable document in our Google + Community.  Stop on in and add your thoughts.

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